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Episode-1634- Expert Council Q & A for 8-28-15

TweetToday is Friday so it is time for our ask expert council show. To ask a question for a show like this, just send an email to me at jack at with “TSPC Expert” in

Keys to Creating Success Metrics, Focusing Your Efforts, Quick Iterative Learning, and Marcin Jakubowski React (CD2)

Part 2 of the series with Marcin Jakubowski of Open Source Ecology. This episode is the react show to the Marcin interview that I did in Part 1. This episode is made up of my commentary inspired by th

Episode-1633- Listener Calls for 8-27-15

TweetToday on The Survival Podcast I take your calls on Harrison Bergeron, silver, bad financial advice, trademarks and patents, grass management, planting fence and trench lines, and more. In this ep

327 – Questions From Jet Packer Davin Hoyt Part 1

Paul sits down with Davin Hoyt who has listened to every single one of the podcasts. He mentions how if anyone listens to all the podcasts, they can make a list of questions (that cover stuff not in t

Episode-1632- Matt Powers on a New Educational Model

TweetMatt Powers is an author, educator, permaculturist, seed saver, innovator & family guy from California working on creating a new paradigm in education aligned to real life: permaculture + nat

TUF022 - Tips on Selling Into New Markets and Sourcing Products from Other Farmers – The Urban Farmer – Week 22

This episode is all about being a better provider to your customers... In this episode we dig deep into sourcing products from other farmers, breaking into new markets, working with chefs and soliciti

Episode-1631- Personal Liberty via Business Ownership

Tweet While many preppers seem to only focus on preparing for TEOTWAWKI; I have for 8 years now taught that we should prepare for life and that includes all the things that go both right and wrong wit

Episode-1630- Listener Feedback for 8-24-15

TweetToday on the Survival Podcast I take your emails on the stock market, meat birds, gardening, economic collapse, student loan debt, bitcoin, virtual nations and more. Make sure if you submit conte

Episode-1629- Expert Council Calls for 8-21-15

TweetToday is Friday so it is time for our ask expert council show. To ask a question for a show like this, just send an email to me at jack at with “TSPC Expert” in

Marcin Jakubowski on Crowdfunding, Managing Multiple Projects, and Persevering Against Extreme Odds (CD1)

Are we moving to an open source world? Marcin Jakubowski thinks so. Through his global village construction set Marcin hopes to do what Wikipedia has done for actual physical equipment - open sourcing

Episode 1535: Beyond the War on Invasive Species

Like this post? Become a Patron. My guest for this episode is Tao Orion, author of Beyond the War on Invasive Species. Her book and the concepts of war and invasion form the basis of our conversation

0151 A Return to the Farm and a discussion about the future

In this episode we return to the coopcast to discuss the future of our farm and all the different enterprises we have in play.

Episode-1628- Five Financial Landmines to Avoid when Buying Land

TweetScott Todd is a principal at, a land investment firm that buys and sells land throughout the US. Scott and his wife started the company to help others have a chance of land ownership

TUF021 - Transitioning Into Farming from the Corporate World - A Conversation with New Farmer Rob Kaiser - The Urban Farmer - Week 21

In this episode Curtis and I are joined by new farmer Rob Kaiser. Rob is a few months into his farming journey. And like Curtis he didn't come from a farming background. He came from the corporate wor

Nicole Vosper on Permaculture & Prison Abolition

Something a little different for this C21st Permaculture show - a recording of Nicole Vosper's recent workshop on 'Permaculture & Prison Abolition' at the Permaculture Picture House at Passing Clo

Episode-1621- Listener Feedback for 8-18-15

TweetToday on the Survival Podcast I take your emails on martial law, planting trees, business, cooking, irrigation water, pools, patents, inoculation, bullshit soup and more. Make sure if you submit

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