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0122 Fall plantings in the greenhouse, cheese making, business ideas

This week our farm updates are simple as the season is slowing down to just the basics.  We talk about the plantings in the gardens in the greenhouse since frost is now in our area.  We are

Episode-1428- Libertas a Virtual Nation

TweetIn Episode 1421 I discussed both the Estonian E-Citizen Program and Ecuador’s new Digital Currency and asked a simple question, could digital currencies and the concept of E-Citizenry be us

Restoration Agriculture with Mark Shepard (Part 2)

My guest for this episode is Mark Shepard, owner of New Forest Farm and author of Restoration Agriculture. This is the second of three pieces that Mark and I recorded together to talk about Restoratio

Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation

In this episode of The Plant Report, we talk with Michael Judd about outdoor mushroom cultivation. Growing mushrooms at home is fun, surprisingly easy and offers multiple benefits including a del

Episode-1427- How Much Land is “Enough”

TweetThere is no hard rule as to how much land is “enough” and in fact the question itself is generally flawed. The person asking such a question is generally asking it as such, “How much land i

074 - What's a PDC? Part 2 of 2.

Given the amount of confusion that I see on a day to day basis, and the fact that there seems to be a lot of unknowns out there about PDCs, I created this episode to try to answer a lot of the questio

Episode #148: Market Cooperatives

Frank welcomes Luis Sierra of the California Center for Cooperative Development.  Luis introduces the concept of a cooperative, and the rationale for their creation.  He also delves into existing co

Episode-1426- Listener Feedback for 9-15-14

TweetToday on the Survival Podcast I take your comments, questions and thoughts on government, law enforcement, privacy, education, who are “they” and more. Make sure if you submit content

Essential Oils & Botanical Intelligence- A Conversation with Aromatherapist John Steele

Renowned aromatherapist, archaeologist and author John Steele talks with Jill Cloutier about essential oils, plant wisdom and the world of scent. John Steele is an aromatic consultant and owner of Lif

Episode-1425- Orion Martin of

TweetOrion Martin is one of the founders of a new technology in development called SideKik.   What is Sidekik?  Sidekik is a mobile application which will perform two key actions simultaneously. Fi

302 – Interview With Diana Leafe Christian Part 1

In this podcast Paul interviews Diana Leafe Christian, author of two books on community living, and editor of Communities magazine for fourteen years. Her basis of knowledge is her interaction with an

073 - What's a PDC? Part 1 of 2.

Given the amount of confusion that I see on a day to day basis, and the fact that there seems to be a lot of unknowns out there about PDCs, I created this episode to try to answer a lot of the questio

Episode-1424- Mike Cornwell on Building a Business from Scratch

TweetMike is a highly motivated Permaculture enthusiast who enjoys working with diverse living systems and attempting to invert problems into solutions. Michael is passionate about sharing the knowled

0121 Farm updates, tractor project, listener reviews

Back from a break we talk aboutthe pigs in the pasture and how well they are growing, the late blight that got the tomatoes, the success we had with straw based potatoes and a whole lot more. We also

Episode-1423- Developing the Skill of Teaching

TweetI put out a simple post on the TSP Facebook page yesterday, it simply said, “Hey TSP Nation, what do you want tomorrow’s show to be about“?  I was kind of blown away but how fa

Episode-1422- Turn Off The Fricken News

TweetI have to tell you guys I have made the mistake recently of looking at main stream news for more than 10 seconds a day, it has my brain ready to ooze out of my eye sockets!  The level of …

072 - Farming Well. Cultivating a Community and Growing Businesses with Nigel Walker of Eatwell Farm.

This is the real world view of an organic farmer who is serving a community by producing food on scale, farming organic or better, for over 30 years. It hasn’t always been easy, and every day is

Episode #147: The Peter Principle

Frank welcomes back KMO of the C-Realm podcast for a wide-ranging discussion on collapse, poverty, permaculture, bureaucracy, and the upcoming C-Realm Comics. The C-Realm Podcast The Peter Principle:

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