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Episode-1581- Jim Steele on Challenging the Global Warming Myth

TweetJim Steel is a former California State Biologist who began his career in 1983.  In 1983 San Francisco State University’s biology department wanted to close the Sierra Nevada Field Campus a

Christopher Laumanns on Degrowth

What is all this buzz around the idea of Degrowth, how does it overlap with Permaculture, and what is it actually all about anyway? Talking with Christopher Laumanns, a co-organiser of the 2014 Leipz

Laura Allen: Greywater: The Forgotten Resource (A5)

Greywater is the most plentiful and abundant source of irrigation water we have. For those of us in dry climates, its the most sustainable option- thought often forgotten. Learn how you can install si

Episode-1580- Listener Calls and Expert Council Answers 5-22-15

TweetToday on The Survival Podcast I take your calls on livestock, business, fish, hunting, flash lights, diet, finance, grafting, herbs and more. In this episode the expert council is in force. We ha

325 – Alone in the Wilderness, the Story of Dick Proeneke

Paul sits down with Evan, the first Ant in Ant Village. Paul asks Evan some introductory questions about how things have been going on his plot. They start to go over the film, “Alone in the Wilder

108 - Build A Sustainable & Profitable Education Business - Rancho Mastatal, A Model For Success with Scott Gallant.

Scott Gallant, one of the instructors at Rancho Mastatal joins me to talk about what it takes to run a successful and profitable education center. Talking about topics like volunteer labor and getting

Episode-1579- Michael Bolden on 2015 10th Amendment Issues

TweetMichael Boldin is the founder and executive director of the Tenth Amendment Center. Michael has a full schedule working as senior editor of the Center’s website, writes a regular column, fields

Episode-1578- Could Open Source Scouting Save Our Youth

TweetYesterday I heard that the Boy Scouts of America has now banned scouts from shooting each other with water guns and says if you play with a water balloon that it is to be inflated no larger than

Episode 1520: Farm School with Miriam Volat

Like this podcast? Support it on Patreon. My guest for this episode is Miriam Volat the director of Farm School, a project located in Sonoma County, California, in cooperation with the Permaculture Sk

TUF008 - Hacking the Seed, A Not So Obvious Look at Direct Seeding Crops – The Urban Farmer – Week 8

It is week 8 of the urban farm season - May 5, 2015. In this episode we take a deep dive into direct seeding. When is it appropriate, how Curtis does it, and how he optimizes his direct seeding to max

Episode-1577- Gun and Hunting Wisdom of our Fathers

TweetI want to talk about guns today, but a bit differently then you might expect from a “survival podcast” to do.  No ARs, no concealed carry and no ninja like accessories. No today I wa

Episode-1576- Listener Feedback for 5-18-15

TweetToday on the Survival Podcast I take your emails on parenting, permacultue, back up power, community, tree planting, junk bonds, guns and more. Make sure if you submit content for a feedback show

Derek Croome on Intelligent Buildings

All around the world many people live in buildings & settlements that are clearly designed to be cheap rather than to enharnce our health & wellbeing or directly express our humanity. As more

Episode-1575- Listener Calls and Questions 5-15-15

TweetToday on The Survival Podcast I take your calls on community, bees, chickens, ducks, cooking, lighters, pests, elderberry, medical prep, smart meters, wealth building, vine crops and more. In thi

Joseph Simcox: Cannibals, Kings, Charlatans, and Us (A5)

Thinking about food, ruling with it and destroying it. The next 25-50 “us” years will be critically important to the future of food. You can be on the wave of an amazing era of domestication by tu

324 – The Ant Village Explained Part 2

Paul and Jocelyn continue from part 1 on explaining Ant Village. Paul shares his initial excitement about the concept, and how his previous community project involving gappers ended up steering away f

Episode-1574- Frank Thrall on Permaculture and Keyline Systems

TweetFrank grew up in the San Fransisco Bay area and has lived in Northern California his whole life. He is a peace officer in California as well as a graduate student in Environmental Agriculture at

Episode-1573- Forget Sustainable Be Regenerative

TweetToday is actually a part of the insurgency series, which might seem odd at first.  How can being to turn a Darby Simpson phrase “beyond environmental” be insurrectionist?  I mean is

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