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Episode-1528- Listener Calls for 2-27-15

TweetToday on The Survival Podcast I take your calls on cooking, business, permaculture, batteries, agriculture, government, fear, anger, leadership and more. Remember to be on a show like this one ju

Episode-1527- Grafting, Root Stocks and Tree Propagation

TweetRecently I did a show with Kevin Hauser about apples and we discussed that he did all his propagation with “bench grafts” and always uses “M111 Rootstock” which basically

100 - Liberation Permaculture with Toby Hemenway

Toby Hemenway joins me to talk about his upcoming talk at PV2 titled Liberation Permaculture. Permaculture offers more than a path to a sustainable and just food system. It can move entire segments of

Episode-1526- Luke Callahan on Building a Micro Greens Business

TweetLuke’s mission is to help you become a successful entrepreneur. He understands that local, value driven businesses are the foundation of resilient communities. In order to create more successfu

Episode 1508: The Permaculture Action Tour with Jasmine Saavedra

My guest for this episode is Jasmine Saavedra of the Permaculture Action Tour. During our conversation we talk about the tour and how it can be used as a model to expand the reach of permaculture to e

Episode-1525- Listener Feedback for 2-24-15

TweetWell I am fresh off a day off and feel pretty good about taking it.  I had pretty much worked full days for about 22 days in a row and just need a reboot.  Since we skipped the feedback show &#

Dan Raven Ellison on the Greater London National Park

Guerilla Geographer Dan Raven-Ellison has a radical idea: What if Greater London was a National Park? What would a National Park City even be like? With over half the planet's human population now liv

Episode-1524- Keith Snow on Old School Food Preserving Cooking Techniques

TweetChef Keith Snow left a multi 6 figure income in one of Aspen’s most exclusive restaurants to follow his passion of health eating, seasonal cooking, country living, gardening and preparednes

Episode-1523- Kevin Hauser on Growing Apples in Hot Climates

TweetKevin Hauser is an amateur Pomologist who specializes in growing apples in hot climates and the tropics. He grows over 100 varieties of apples at his home in Riverside, California and is the auth

0136 Gilt AI, vegetable garden seed selection and a rifle part

This weeks episode shares our issues with a trio of cottontail rabbits that have been terrorizing our landscape and what we did to solve the issue.  We also complain about the snow and the cold o

Episode-1522- Debt, The Good, The Bad and The Evil

TweetDid Jack Spirko just acknowledge there is such a thing as good debt?  Yes I did and I always have.  It ain’t consumer debt though and it ain’t student loan debt. Today I have to adm

Episode 1507: Timber Framing with Patrick Shunney

My guest for this episode is Patrick Shunney, a timber framer from Kearneysville, West Virginia. In this interview we talk about his background and how he came to timber framing, how this type of buil

Episode-1521- Can You Actually Earn a Living with a Permaculture Business

TweetI was recently told by one listener that PDCs seem like a pyramid scheme, he basically stated, that everyone thinks they are going to take one and then teach them to others and so on.  I donR

PV2 - 3D Modeling and Design Using Sketchup with John Ackley

John talks about the workshop that he will be giving on Sketchup at PV2. This workshop will give the student a crash course in using Trimble SketchUp, followed by a tutorial on landscape modeling and

Episode-1520- Listener Feedback for 2-16-15

TweetToday on the Survival Podcast I take your emails on media hype, government, critical thinking, law enforcement, spirituality, anarchism and more. Make sure if you submit content for a feedback sh

Episode-1519- Listener Calls for 2-13-15

TweetToday on liberty, money,  The Survival Podcast I take your calls on liberty, energy, fuel storage, plant propagation, education, politics and more. Remember to be on a show like this one just pi

b019 - The Farmscale Permaculture Series - Tree Crops: Tree Propagation by Grant Schultz

Grant Schultz presents on trees from VersaLand in Iowa City, Iowa. This presentation focuses on the propagation of trees to be used in tree crop style systems. There is a lot of information on tree bu

Episode-1518- John Adam on Starting a Business Starting with No Experience in Business

TweetJohn along with his wife Marj and two teenage sons live in the foothills of California near Sonora. John has spent the last 21 years working for the Department of Corrections while Marj has been

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