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Living Permaculture October 22, 2014

Join Jerome and Stephanie on this months Living Permaculture show to hear about the Permaculture Action Tour and the work day at the Basalt Food Garden.

Episode-1451- Rapid Fire Q&A on Homesteading From Facebook

TweetLate yesterday I did this post on facebook asking for any and all questions that are permaculture/homestead related.  The plan was to do a rapid fire q and a style show. A this point I will say

Graham Burnett on The Vegan Book of Permaculture

I'm speaking to Graham Burnett about his new book 'The Vegan Book of Permaculture', the ethical approach of Veganism & where it meets permaculture, whether it's time for permaculture to get more r

Dr Gerry Taylor Aiken on 'nature'

I'm speaking to academic Dr Gerry Taylor Aiken about how permaculturalists construct the 'nature' that they claim to work with. We also talk about whether there is a theological aspect to permaculture

0126 A discussion about moving pastured pigs to the processor

This week's update is really an episode discussion around the end of the pork season for us - the moving of the pigs to the USDA processor.  We talk through what we did to get the pigs comfortabl

Episode-1450- TSP Homestead Lessons and Planning – Fall 2014

TweetThis is a great time of the year to look back at 2014 and begin fall/winter planning as well.  2014 was a big and very active year at the TSP ranch. It also saw the launch of PermaEthos, AgriTru

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Restoration Agriculture with Mark Shepard (Part III)

My guest for this episode is Mark Shepard, owner of New Forest Farm and author of Restoration Agriculture. This is the final piece in a series of three interviews Mark and I recorded to talk about Res

Episode-1449- Seed Saving and Land Races with Justin Huhn

TweetJustin is an organic farmer & seed grower, and an impassioned gardening and seed-saving educator. He co-founded All Good Things Organic Seeds, a farm-based seed company in Ojai, CA. Through t

083 - Profitable Urban Farming. A realistic view with farmer Curtis Stone. Working your ass off and making $50,000 on a quarter acre.

Key Takeaways: -Even if the worst happened and the business failed. How bad would it actually be? -Learn stuff as you need to. You don't have to learn everything up front. Doing is more important that

Episode-1448- Listener Feedback for 10-20-14

TweetToday on the Survival Podcast I take your comments, questions and thoughts on Ebola, automation, politics, economics, precious metals, diet, anarchism and more. Make sure if you submit content fo

Episode #152: Neofeudal Permaculture

Frank welcomes back regrarian and permaculture designer Darren Doherty. Darren shares his experiences from his current Regrarians world tour, and then describes the precarious economic situation of th

Episode-1447- Listener Feedback for 10-17-14

TweetToday on The Survival Podcast I take your calls on ebola, genforward, bitcoin, fodder, organization, energy, investing, paleo eating and more. Remember to be on a show like this one just pick up

082 - Hugelkultur. What it is. When is it appropriate. And when isn't it. with Javan Bernakevitch

-Key Takeaways: Hugelkultur mounds are usually positioned perpendicular to the wind. Sometimes used as a staging process to dispose of wood and build soil which can then be spread onto crop land. Thin

Episode-1446- Glen Tate on the 299 Days Audio Series

TweetGlen is a TSP community member and TSP forum moderator. He secretly wrote the ten-book prepare novel series 299 Days in his spare time while maintaining a job that allows him to observe governmen

0125 Prepping pastured pigs for processing and vegetable garden tomato favorites

In this episode the Updates include Farmer Andy's pants free romp becasue of the warm weather, Hermione moving back to pasture with the piglets and preparations for taking the pigs for processing. The

Episode-1445- Bow Hunting Deer Part One ~ The Kit

TweetOne of you guys asked about me doing some new podcasts on bow hunting for deer.  Today I will do a show on my “kit” for bow hunting and why I carry what I carry.  This will not incl

Eight Forms of Capital and Regenerative Enterprise with Ethan Roland

My guest for this episode is Ethan Roland, a permaculture designer and a founder of Appleseed Permaculture. Along with his writing partner Gregory Landua, Ethan is the author of the article Eight Form

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