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Episode 1619: Philly Roundtable Q&A

My guests for this episode are Nate Kleinman of Experimental Farm Network, Paul Glover the founder of Philadelphia Orchard Project, Robyn Mello of Philadelphia Orchard Project, and Kirtrina Baxter of

What do you wish you knew before becoming a homesteader? - ASK Voices with Justin Rhodes

Homesteader Justin Rhodes of talks what he wish knew before becoming a homesteader. To learn more about Justin and see all of the ASK Justin episodes visit permaculturevoices

Episode-1794- Benjamin Ellefson on teaching Children the Value of Preparedness

TweetBenjamin Ellefson is the award-winning author of the prepper themed children’s novel The Land without Color.   In his writing, he enjoys creating magical parables filled with preparedness

Expanding the Farm with Social Capital – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 8

Learn more at Support the show at To set the stage... Curtis had a next door neighbor.  That neighbor used to own Curtis's hou

Episode-1793- How to Determine What Business You Should Start

Tweet Today we continue with the shows that won the May voting for just Jack Tuesday shows.  As a reminder voting is still open for another week for Junes shows, you can cast your vote on that here.

344 – Keys To Building a Healthy Soil – Part 1

Paul and friends at Wheaton Labs give a group review of Gabe Browns 58 minute video entitled "Gabe Brown: Keys Read more → This post comes from the Permaculture Blog.

How do you structure your pasture poultry CSA? - Ask Voices with John Suscovich

Farmer John Suscovich of Camps Road Farm and answers the question, "How do you structure your pasture poultry CSA?" To learn more about John and see all of the ASK John ep

Episode-1792- Listener Feedback for 5-23-16

TweetToday on the Survival Podcast I take your emails on the collapsing education industry, politicians, homeschooling, vehicle recovery, remote properties, herbal medicine, more CDC lies, gun freedom

How to Raise Pigs Regeneratively in the Woods - Part 1 - The Basic Methodology - Grass Fed Life - Episode 8

Stay tuned every Monday, for a new episode at Support the show at Today we will take a realistic look at how Darby raises his pigs

Episode-1791- Expert Council Q&A for 5-20-16

Tweet Today is Friday so it is time for our ask expert council show. To ask a question for a show like this, just send an email to me at jack at with “TSPC Expert” i

Episode 1618: PDCs and Families

Today’s interview is about how to make permaculture education more accessible and provides different ways to do so for families and couples, as well as for those whom the more traditional two week i

Growing 10000 Trees On Acre - Expanding A Small Scale Nursery Business, an Update with Akiva Silver (PVP127)

Learn more at Support the show at Today, nearly two years after our first episode (, I am picking up the conversat

Episode-1790- Listener Calls for 5-19-16

TweetToday on The Survival Podcast I take your calls on podcasts, RVs, diesel trucks, junk silver, forage crop seed blends, rose hips, the drug war and more. Remember to be on a show like this one jus

What are some good chicken breeds for eggs and what are some good breeds for meat? - ASK Voices with Justin Rhodes

Homesteader Justin Rhodes of talks about what types of chicken breeds are good for eggs and what type of breeds are good for meat on the homestead. To learn more about Justi

Episode-1789- Stephen Donahue on Local Opportunities to Influence Policy Toward Freedom

TweetSteve Donahue is a pastor, businessman, homesteader, home schooling father of 5 who has a passion to leave a legacy of freedom to the next generation. In the fall of 2014 Steve was appointed to h

Tomato Mania - How to Get More Total Crop Production by Inter-planting Tomatoes with Other Crops - The Urban Farmer - Season 2 - Week 7

Learn more at Support the show at Most of the tomatoes that Curtis grows fall into the cherry and saladette category - the smalle

Episode-1788- Finding the Right Property to Turn Into a Homestead

TweetIn case you have not be paying attention for the last 15 years, news flash, homesteading is once again very popular.  From tiny urban homesteads (sue me Dervaes family go for it!) to mid sized s

How long do broiler chickens live? - Ask Voices with John Suscovich

Farmer John Suscovich of Camps Road Farm and answers the question, "How long do broiler chickens live?" To learn more about John and see all of the ASK John episodes visit

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