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086 - Raising American Guinea Hogs, The Homestead Pig with Cathy Payne

While American Guinea Hogs are suited to a wide variety of environments and will do better than most breeds on low grade forage, they prefer lush pastures with clover along with access to minerals, ki

Episode-1456- Sam Coffman on Herbal Medicines

TweetToday we are joined by former special forces solider and wilderness survival trainer Sam Coffman of to discuss survival training, permaculture, rebuilding after collapse and more

Episode-1455- TSP Homestead Work and Plans for the Week

TweetPlease Note – I said today was 1456 on the air today and did the history segment for that year.  This is in fact 1455, tomorrow we will do the 1455 history segment and get things back to p

Responsible Business, Responsible Entrepreneur with Carol Sanford

My guest for this episode is Carol Sanford, author of The Responsible Business and her latest book The Responsible Entrepreneur.  She also mentors permaculture practitioners, such as Ethan Roland of

Episode-1454- Listener Feedback for 10-28-14

TweetToday on the Survival Podcast I take your comments, questions and thoughts on the next election, politics, economics, automation, gmo crops and more. Make sure if you submit content for a feedbac

085 - Quitting A Job I Love for A Life That I Love. The Unromantic Journey Into Farm Life with Chad Stamps.

This is the very real story of Chad Stamps and his unromantic journey into farming. It's the reality of life that makes this story unromantic, versus the common romantic notions that you hear when som

Episode #153: Appropriate Technology at Home and Abroad

Frank welcomes appropriate technology enthusiast and humanitarian Robert Fairchild, also known as Solar Bob. Bob shares his decades-long journey in the realm of appropriate technology, including the g

Episode-1453- Challenging the Myths about Voting

TweetI am really late today because I wrote an article that took a long time about not voting.  I wrote this not to convince you of anything only to challenge the myths around the concept.  What ama

Faheemah Luqman on Blue Paradise Farms, Jamaica

Londoner & mother of 5 Faheemah Luqman talks about setting up Blue Paradise Farms, her emergent visionary eco-tourism Permaculture project in Jamaica and the upcoming Regenerative Earthworks Certi

Episode-1452- Listener Calls for 10-24-14

TweetToday on The Survival Podcast I take your calls on permaculture, fodder, munching, life insurance, cover crops, home defense and more. Remember to be on a show like this one just pick up your pho

084 - The Veglio Project. Restoring the Land. Awakening the Soul. With Joe Baird.

Today’s guest is Joe Baird.  Joe and his family are taking on the task of restoring the village of Veglio. It is a place that has family ties and ties to when things were much simpler. The

Living Permaculture October 22, 2014

Join Jerome and Stephanie on this months Living Permaculture show to hear about the Permaculture Action Tour and the work day at the Basalt Food Garden.

Episode-1451- Rapid Fire Q&A on Homesteading From Facebook

TweetLate yesterday I did this post on facebook asking for any and all questions that are permaculture/homestead related.  The plan was to do a rapid fire q and a style show. A this point I will say

Graham Burnett on The Vegan Book of Permaculture

I'm speaking to Graham Burnett about his new book 'The Vegan Book of Permaculture', the ethical approach of Veganism & where it meets permaculture, whether it's time for permaculture to get more r

Dr Gerry Taylor Aiken on 'nature'

I'm speaking to academic Dr Gerry Taylor Aiken about how permaculturalists construct the 'nature' that they claim to work with. We also talk about whether there is a theological aspect to permaculture

0126 A discussion about moving pastured pigs to the processor

This week's update is really an episode discussion around the end of the pork season for us - the moving of the pigs to the USDA processor.  We talk through what we did to get the pigs comfortabl

Episode-1450- TSP Homestead Lessons and Planning – Fall 2014

TweetThis is a great time of the year to look back at 2014 and begin fall/winter planning as well.  2014 was a big and very active year at the TSP ranch. It also saw the launch of PermaEthos, AgriTru

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