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Permabyte – Back to Basics – Principle 9: Use Slow and Small Solutions

This episode continues the Back to Basics series and looks at Holmgren’s Principle 9: Use Slow and Small Solutions. I’d like to thank Richard Telford for allowing me to use his permaculture princi

Permabyte – I Sit in Contemplation

Today I find myself sitting and turning over the idea of what it means to create a better world using permaculture, and what else I can do to create a bigger impact. While in this state of self-examin

Permaculture Conferences, Convergences, and Community Improvement with Adam Brock

My guest for this episode is Adam Brock, a permaculture teacher and practitioner from The Growhaus in Colorado, who is also developing an invisible structures pattern language. You can find out more a

Permabyte – The Grain and Legume Free Diet Challenge

Today’s episode sets up the diet challenge that I accepted from the conversation with Mark Shepard. Before we get into the specifics of that diet I would like to thank Jen Mendez at Permie Kids for

Permabyte – Next Steps

This episode is a state of the podcast release, with some information on where things are going, what I’ve got going on, and where you as a listener would like the show to go. After the outpouring o

Permaculture Research with Rafter Sass Ferguson

My guest for this episode is Rafter Sass Ferguson, a permaculture practitioner and PhD student who is researching self-identified permaculture farms. Our conversation today looks at the state of his w

Permabyte – Resources for Identifying and Using Plants

This episode looks at a number of resources that are available to identify plants. Before we begin however, I’d like to thank Jen Mendez at for sponsoring this episode. Permie Kids is

Permabyte – The North American Permaculture Convergence

This episode is a short conversation with Adam Brock, of The GrowHaus, who is also one of the organizers of the upcoming North American Permaculture Convergence. The convergence will be held August 29

Restoration Agriculture with Mark Shepard

My guest for this episode is Mark Shepard, author of Restoration Agriculture. As you might expect from this show we start with his biography and background, work our way through a call to action for p

Permabyte – Back to Basics: Principle 8 – Integrate Rather than Segregate

This episode continues the Back to Basics series and looks at Holmgren’s Principle 8: Integrate Rather than Separate. Before we begin, I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to the show. W

Permabyte – Review: Ancestral Plants by Arthur Haines

This episode is a review of Arthur Haines’ Ancestral Plants: A Primitive Skills Guide to Important Edible, Medicinal, and Useful Plants of the Northeast, Volume 1. Before we get to that review, howe

Keyline Design and Coppice Agroforestry with Mark Krawczyk

My guest for this episode is Mark Krawczyk, a permaculture designer and teacher from Vermont. He is also the co-author, along with Dave Jacke, of forthcoming book Coppice Agroforestry – Perennial Si

Permabyte – An Example of Suburban Permaculture

Today’s permabyte is an example of suburban permaculture, as detailed at my friend Seppi’s house in central Pennsylvania. If you enjoy this episode, help me keep the podcast going for as long as w

Permabyte – What about my bacon cheese fries?

The topic for this permabyte looks at how to have a permaculture future, and still eat bacon cheese fries. I have to thank my friend Pat Ruppert for being a good sport when he asked, “Can all th

The Way of the Woodsman with Ben Law

My guest for this episode is Ben Law, woodsman, permaculture practitioner, and author of many books on developing, tending, and using the products that come from the woods. Some of those titles includ

Permabyte: Back to Basics – Principle 7: Design from Patterns to Details

This episode continues the back to basics series by looking at some examples from my own life of applying David Holmgren’s 7th principle of permaculture: Design from Patterns to Details. Before we b

Permabyte – Responses to Rob Scott

This episode covers some responses to the interview with Rob Scott, released on Wednesday June 25, 2014. If you enjoy this episode, the interviews, or other permabytes, please consider supporting the

A Critique of Permaculture with Rob Scott

My guest for this episode is Rob Scott, a permaculture practitioner who started and directed the Urbana Permaculture Project. He now teaches Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership at the Unive

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