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Episode-1604- Listener Feedback for 7-6-15

TweetToday on the Survival Podcast I take your emails on economics, politics, concealed carry, plant propagation, taking a stand, big food and more. Make sure if you submit content for a feedback show

Episode-1603- Expert Council Questions and Answers for 7-3-15

TweetToday is Friday so it is time for our ask expert council show. To ask a question for a show like this, just send an email to me at jack at with “TSPC Expert” in

b021 - Homestead and Farm Resiliency and Regeneration - 10 Years In A Cold Climate, Principles in Practice - Presented by Ben Falk

Ben Falk discusses some of the lessons and leanings from his 10 years of living on a homestead in Vermont. He touches on topics like water management, growing trees, and growing rice. The webinar was

Episode-1602- Gloria Flora on Small Scale Biochar

TweetGloria Flora founded and directs the U.S. Biochar Initiative (USBI) as a project of her non-profit, Sustainable Obtainable Solutions. Through USBI, Gloria promotes the sustainable production and

Episode-1601- Adam Katz on the Prepper Homestead Dog

TweetAdam has been training professionally since 1992. He graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a degree in Interdisciplinary Field Studies and then traveled the world and worked with some of the best tra

Episode 1527: Permaculture Design Magazine with John Wages

Like this podcast? Support it on Patreon. My guest for this episode is John Wages the new editor of Permaculture Design magazine. With issue # 96 the long running American permaculture digest Permacul

TUF014 - 5 Common Reasons Why Many Small Farmers Fail and How You Can Avoid These Pitfalls - The Urban Farmer - Week 14

To be successful as an urban farmer you need to be able to quickly adapt and solve problems on the fly. In this episode we talk about how Curtis has had to adapt in the past and how his system allows

Episode-1600- Owning Goats without Ruining Your Life

TweetFor most of the TSP audience Nick Ferguson needs no introduction, but he is an internationally traveled permaculture designer and consultant.  He is also one of the owners of PermaEthos along wi

Living in Community on a Permaculture Farm- Josh Trought of D Acres

Episode 116: My guest for this episode is Josh Trought, author of The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm: The D Acres Model of Creating and Managing an Ecologically Designed Education Center.   Josh

Episode-1599- Expert Council Questions and Answers 6-26-15

TweetToday is Friday so it is time for our ask expert council show. To ask a question for a show like this, just send an email to me at jack at with “TSPC Expert” in

Seth D Peterson: Permaculture Kitchens I’ve Known (A5)

Permaculture Kitchens I’ve Known is about the application of permaculture design principles and strategies to ecologically minded kitchen design, local seasonal menu planning, nose to tail cookery a

Episode-1598- The Ins and Outs of Legally Owning Firearm Suppressors (AKA Silencers)

TweetLane Douglas graduated from UT-Martin in 1975 with an Engineering degree. After a few years as an engineer, he began working in Industrial Sales. He retired in 2011, after 32 years in sales manag

Episode 1526: Getting right with ourselves & building community featuring Ben Weiss & Dave Jacke

Like this podcast? Support it on Patreon. This episode is the second half of a two-part Susquehanna Permaculture Round Table discussion that took place at my friend Seppi’s house on Wednesday, June

0149 Pig castration and boar taint, pastured chickens and vegetable garden farm !updates

Since we are in the busy time of year it's just another update show around the farm! We talk about the process and the reasons why we castrate our piglets.  We also share the history of why we are so

Living Permaculture June 24, 2015

This month features teachers and students who are participating in a permaculture workshop.

Episode-1597- Managing Chaos and the Permissiveness Epidemic

TweetI am joined today by Trevor Grice a licensed clinical psychologist who provides individual therapy and assessment services through a private practice setting in the Thumb of Michigan. Since start

TUF013 - Harvesting Products, Delivery to Restaurants, and Crop Planning – The Urban Farmer – Week 13

It's June 9th and the farm is in full production. As you heard last week a big part of that production comes from greens. Greens that are being cut and cut and cut. That's resulting in a lot of produc

Episode-1596- Bow Hunting Deer Part Two ~ Scouting and Setting Up

TweetSo it has been over a hundred and fifty episodes between part one and two of this series but I figured this would be a good time to pick it back up.  In Episode-1445- Bow Hunting Deer Part One ~

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