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b013 - Renaturing the Landscape: Presented by Zach Weiss. Part 1

Zach Weiss of Holzer AgroEcology discusses his experiences working on projects designed by Sepp Holzer. He also gets into Sepp's ideas and design philosophy. This is the recording of a presentation th

Episode-1487- Ian McCollum on Military Surplus Rifles and More

TweetIan McCollum is a firearms writer and researcher specializing in arms from the 1880s to the 1950s or so.  He is interested in the mechanical details of different firearms designs as well as thei

0131 The Christmas Coopcast Community Cluster Episode

Our final episode of 2014 is dedicated to our listeners and fans around the globe this holiday season.  It's our huge thank you for making us the #1 farming podcast on the planet! We talk about e

Episode-1486- 20 Simple Prepper Steps Every American Should Take that Most Don’t

TweetYesterday I did a “back to fundamentals” show on permaculture, today I am going to do one on basic preparedness.  On some levels it is great that prepping has become its own “i

Radical Roots Farm with Lee and Dave O’Neill

My guests today are Lee and Dave O’neill of Radical Roots Farm. Radical Roots is a certified organic farm designed and implemented using permaculture principles, as Lee and Dave are both trained per

Episode-1485- What is this Permaculture Stuff and Why Should I Even Care

TweetFrom time to time I back up and do a sort of “back to basics” show on certain subjects.  Often things like Modern Survival Philosophy or basic preparedness.  But yesterday I realize

Episode #160: The Failure of Permaculture Redux

Frank once again dives into the morass of Agroinnovations Episode #145 addressing a listener’s comment through a series of clips from recent podcast episodes featuring Simon Huntley, Narendra Va

Episode-1484- Listener Feedback for 12-15-14

TweetToday on the Survival Podcast I take your emails on permaculture, soils, sourdough yeast starters, investing, reloading and more. Make sure if you submit content for a feedback show that you put

Episode-1483- Listener Calls for 12-12-14

TweetToday on The Survival Podcast I take your calls on bread, kerosene heat, ammo, skills, brewing, food storage, business ownership, public education and more. Remember to be on a show like this one

099 - Permaculture Plants: A Business and A Hobby with Taylor Walker

Taylor Walker from Green Dreams Florida joins me. In this episode we talk being a designer, propagating and selling plants, and we get into specific plant species. Some of these are zone specific; som

Julia Minnear on Permaculture in Schools

It makes sense that Permaculture is taught in schools, children are hungry for creative ways to interact with the world, but is it actually happening - and in what way? In talking with Julia Minnear,

Episode-1482- John Pugliano on Small Business as a Wealth Building Tool

TweetJohn Pugliano is a late blooming entrepreneur and the founder of Investable Wealth, LLC an independent fee only investment advisory firm. John served in the military for 7 years before starting a

0130 Farming and health care, sick pig and Christmas lists

This episode brings us back from a few weeks off and updates about the events we had around here on the farm that kept us from coopcasting last week. We talk a little bit about farming and health care

Episode-1481- The Backyard Nursery

TweetIn the last two years I have planted over 400 trees, bushes, vines, etc. on my property.  Right now I have 150 small support trees (locust and autumn olive) waiting to be planted into my food fo

312 – Gapper Living

Paul, Jocelyn, Rick, Sam, and the gappers sit down after their thanksgiving meal to chat. First everyone introduces themselves, and then Paul starts by talking about how amazing it is that they got th

Episode-1480- What Might a Free Market Education System Look Like

TweetNote - There will be ZERO teacher bashing in this show.   Well zero teacher bashing as a wholesale group anyway, I promise. Yesterday I pointed out how many problems and divisions in society wo

Integrated Forest Gardening with Bryce Ruddock

My guest today is Bryce Ruddock, a permaculture practitioner and co-author, along with Wayne Weiseman and Daniel Halsey, of Integrated Forest Gardening. After speaking with Bryce and reading the book

Episode #159: Gotham Unbound

Frank concludes his interview with Dr. Ted Steinberg, ecological historian and author of the book Gotham Unbound: The Ecological History of Greater New York. In this second part of a two-part conversa

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