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Episode #152: Neofeudal Permaculture

Frank welcomes back regrarian and permaculture designer Darren Doherty. Darren shares his experiences from his current Regrarians world tour, and then describes the precarious economic situation of th

Episode-1447- Listener Feedback for 10-17-14

TweetToday on The Survival Podcast I take your calls on ebola, genforward, bitcoin, fodder, organization, energy, investing, paleo eating and more. Remember to be on a show like this one just pick up

082 - Hugelkultur. What it is. When is it appropriate. And when isn't it. with Javan Bernakevitch

-Key Takeaways: Hugelkultur mounds are usually positioned perpendicular to the wind. Sometimes used as a staging process to dispose of wood and build soil which can then be spread onto crop land. Thin

Episode-1446- Glen Tate on the 299 Days Audio Series

TweetGlen is a TSP community member and TSP forum moderator. He secretly wrote the ten-book prepare novel series 299 Days in his spare time while maintaining a job that allows him to observe governmen

0125 Prepping pastured pigs for processing and vegetable garden tomato favorites

In this episode the Updates include Farmer Andy's pants free romp becasue of the warm weather, Hermione moving back to pasture with the piglets and preparations for taking the pigs for processing. The

Episode-1445- Bow Hunting Deer Part One ~ The Kit

TweetOne of you guys asked about me doing some new podcasts on bow hunting for deer.  Today I will do a show on my “kit” for bow hunting and why I carry what I carry.  This will not incl

Eight Forms of Capital and Regenerative Enterprise with Ethan Roland

My guest for this episode is Ethan Roland, a permaculture designer and a founder of Appleseed Permaculture. Along with his writing partner Gregory Landua, Ethan is the author of the article Eight Form

Episode-1444- A Tuesday Chat with Jack

TweetHey guys I am back.  I just spent 5 great days at PermaEthos in West Virginia.  What an awesome experience!  It was all capped off with a great concert by Andrew McKnight, who has a great gift

081 - Permaculture. The Future of Business and Beyond. An Interview Compilation.

This episode is a compilation of interviews that I recorded during PV1 - March 13-16, 2014. The general theme of this episode is how business can benefit from permaculture. How we as the permaculture

308 – Interview With Diana Leafe Christian Part 3

Paul starts off by talking about an expression he think applies to the non-violent communication discussion. Someone once told him that “church is not a showcase for saints, but a hospital for s

080 - Radical Mycology with Peter McCoy

This show is an interview with Peter McCoy of Radical Mycology. Radical Mycology is a movement and social philosophy based on accessibly teaching the importance of mushrooms and other fungi for person

0124 Vegetable garden put to bed, starting a CSA and passionate listeners

This week's updates include our prep work in getting ready to move the pigs to the processor this year. We also put the vegetable garden to bed for the season and talk about the process and some of th

Episode-1443- Jeff Yago on the Vulnerability of our Electrical Grid

TweetJeff Yago has over 30 years experience in the solar and alternative energy field and has appeared on this show before. His hundreds of solar and emergency preparedness articles have been publishe

Using Permaculture to Reform International Development with Brad Ward

My guest for this episode is Brad Ward, an Agriculture Technical Consultant at ECHO, a faith based development program. Brad also is a trained permaculture practitioner, receiving his permaculture des

Episode-1442- The Reality And The Hype of Ebola

TweetToday we will look at the Ebola situation and discuss prepping for epidemic/pandemic in general.  I have received so many emails expressing concern and fear about Ebola, I must do this show. The

079 - Hazelnuts. A Viable Broadacre Crop for the Midwest? Almost. with Phil Rutter

In Woody Agriculture, crops would be planted only once in a lifetime. The use of woody perennials for agricultural staple commodities production would result in little or no use of tillage, as well as

Episode-1441- Listener Feedback for 10-6-14

TweetToday on the Survival Podcast I take your comments, questions and thoughts on homesteading, bitcoin, politics, economics, bureaucracy and more. Make sure if you submit content for a feedback show

307 – Interview With Diana Leafe Christian Part 2

Paul starts off by mentioning how the last half of the last podcast they made got ruined so now they are now re-recording that. Diana wants to make it clear that she has a basic disagreement from Paul

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